HUNDERTSERVER customers are smarter!

Who exactly are Hundertserver? Simple: we're the cloud service provider that understands and implements all the requirements relevant to digital operation models. We enable your business and development team to concentrate on what adds value: features and growth.

How smart are you?


Nils – the digital enabler

25 years' experience in business development in the IT and digital environment, from start-up to corporate. Loves exciting digital cases. Brings his own ideas and the network to the table.

Chris – the smart technologist

15 years' experience as an entrepreneur in Berlin's start-up ecosystem. Loves open source, code and system architectures. Knows a lot, can do a lot – and can explain it, too.

Our mission

At Hundertserver, we have your back when it comes to system architecture, IT/digital infrastructures, cloud services and operations. We don't leave you on your own – in fact, we're likely to approach you. We call it "continuous consulting".

Our origin

We entered the cloud hosting galaxy … in 2016 in Berlin, with a small crew and a handful of loyal customers who shared our vision. Today, we're one of the leading providers of cloud hosting, managed services and applications.

  • 2016

    Formation and launch with 10 customers
  • 2017

    Development and implementation of the Hundertserver modular system; number of customers doubles
  • 2018

    Launch of the Hundertserver+ platform; number of customers doubles again
  • 2019

    Level of automation and customer value doubles
  • 2020/21

    New office, new design, new people and even more satisfied customers
  • 2021/22

    One modular system, one platform and 1,000 cloud options

Our drive

We defined for ourselves at an early stage what works – and what doesn't. Our thrust is security, reliability and maximum freedom. This generates a mindset from which our customers benefit.

What we love:

  • Open source
  • Linux
  • Systems and architecture
  • Consulting and automation
  • 24/7 service
  • High availability and running systems
  • Data sovereignty and data security
  • Dynamic operation models
  • Reliable budget controls
  • Technology: KVM, Kubernetes, Proxmox, MySQL etc.
  • Competent professionals who are on the same page as you

What we bring to the table:

  • An open mindset
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Capacity
  • Tools & platforms
  • The right people in a large network
  • Passion and independence

What's a no-go for us:

  • Vendor lock-ins
  • The wrong people in the wrong place
  • The wrong focus
  • Dogmatism
  • High budgets for unsuitable providers
  • High manual overhead
  • Blinkered and stereotypical thinking

Our toolbox

Your digital success isn't attributable to some global provider, but to your own efforts, ideas and development team. We put the rest together according to your needs: public cloud services, private cloud services, smart cloud services, or a very simple virtual machine if that's what you need. We're confident that we have the right set of tools for you.