Private cloud for big data platform – first-class consulting for success

Gathering vast volumes of data and analysing it in real time: this was the purpose of the "iridion" platform developed by konversionsKRAFT, with which users can hugely accelerate their digital growth. But how are these enormous volumes of data to be served, securely and reliably? Hundertserver addressed this by creating a complex private cloud architecture which grows in line with rising demand.


The goal

In 2018, we took over the job from the previous service provider. Our task was to bring order to the complex legacy system architecture and completely rethink it. The platform was to be lean and intelligently scalable in consideration of the data volumes, but at the same time redundant and 100% failure-resistant. For this, konversionsKRAFT placed their full confidence in our expertise.

The solution

We analysed the legacy systems and redesigned the system architecture from the ground up. Following migration to the target environment in the form of the private cloud that we had created, we assumed responsibility for full operational management and as a result completely freed up the customer’s own valuable resources. konversionsKRAFT continues to rely on deployment, automation and lean operation by Hundertserver, and in close cooperation with them.

The result

konversionsKRAFT continues to benefit from our “consulting-as-a-service” model. And it’s no surprise. The benefits speak for themselves: maximum availability of the iridion platform, a smart operation model that links budget to growth, 24/7 support and world class, continuous consulting. The bottom line: konversionsKRAFT reduces costs by up to 85% when measured against the use of in-house resources.

About :

konversionsKRAFT exploits consumer psychology to increase growth and ROI. The combination of an established methodology and a data-driven process generates double to triple-digit growth rates for multicorporates and medium-sized companies. Through transparency and close consulting, almost 80 employees enhance the optimization processes for customers such as MediaMarkt, Orion, Schäfer Shop and Consorsbank.

Sector Digital growth consultants


Tech stack:

Private Cloud (by Hundertserver)



MySQL Galera Cluster


Proxy SQL