From start-up to established SaaS provider: a journey with Hundertserver

Berlin-based start-up Smoobu had an idea: to revolutionize the management of rented vacation property. The missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle was a reliable provider of cloud infrastructure and IT operations. By choosing Hundertserver, Smoobu placed their confidence from the outset in a provider who has accompanied its rapid growth with scalable technology and infrastructure services.


The goal

Smoobu were looking for a provider capable of supporting their goals of rapid growth and keeping up with changes in the required service levels and technology. For this purpose, a custom phase model with scalable services was to be developed.

The solution

In phase one, we delivered a basic package so as not to over-stretch the tight budget during the start-up phase, whilst still equipping Smoobu to offer their users reliable service. A simple but efficient LAMP stack was the ideal solution. In phase two, as volumes grew, we expanded the architecture proactively. We implemented redundancies and began clustering. This enabled us to guarantee reliable operationof the infrastructure, which was becoming increasingly critical, and to rule out the possibility of revenue losses.

The result

Throughout the evolutionary phases, Smoobu were able to rely on the right set-up comprising platform, service and consulting. This enabled us to support the start-up successfully during its transition to an established SaaS provider. When compared to the possible costs of an in-house solution, our service model comprising 24/7 support, infrastructure and consulting yields a cost benefit of up to 70 percent. This enabled Smoobu to concentrate fully on further development of their own software and attain growth rates of up to 1,000 percent. Respect!

PS: Fabian and Philipp, we’re proud of you, but you still owe us a round of beer!

About :

Smoobu was founded in Berlin in 2016 as a start-up for the hotel and tourism sector. The company has developed an all-in-one software application for managing holiday homes and apartments. Landlords were no longer to have the overhead of manual reservations or the worry of double bookings. As a newcomer, Smoobu was among the finalists at the 2018 Gründerszene Awards for start-ups, being one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in Germany.

Sector SaaS provider for the tourism sector


Tech stack:

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