Don’t throw money away. Leave system and ops to the experts!


A typical case scenario that we encounter time and again: SaaS companies make bad use of their resources and as a result waste money. A much better infrastructure and hosting strategy is to opt for the complete package from Hundertserver. Why? Let’s do the maths.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Your SaaS company employs four software developers, each of whom costs you from €4,600to €6,500a month. Let’s assume annual total developer costs of €270,000. 14 virtual machines or a comparable setup account for a further €20,000 per year. That brings the total to €290,000 per year.

Now, be honest: how much of that money actually flows into development, and thereby into value creation?

This is where Hans comes in. Hans is your best developer. And because it’s one of his hobbies, Hans – together with your other developers – takes care of system and operations management on the side (Hans as much as 40%, the second developer 10%, the third 20% and the fourth 5%). That’s not particularly smart, because it means that as much as €54,000 of the wage costs for Hans and his three colleagues are being spent on ops tasks. If we include infrastructure and services, the figure rises to €74,000a whopping 25% of your DevOps budget.

What does that mean for you?

Your DevOps budget of €290,000is actually only delivering €216,000 of DevPower, i.e. only 75% of your total budget. That’s a pretty poor deal for you, right? In addition to this bill of €74,000, you’re counting on infrastructure and service being provided by Hans and the other semi-experts, with their knowledge gaps and the associated dangers. Why take that risk?

These losses and risks aren’t something you face with Hundertserver.

For the same setup and service, our budget would be €35,000.24/7 support, monitoring, back-ups, continuous consulting, the right system architecture-as-a-service, and much more, is all in the price.

Is this assessment naive?
Far from it – it’s an accurate calculation.

  • Hundertserver reduces the time for implementing development themes by 25%.
  • That means you can reduce your developers by a quarter.
  • Our experts are guaranteed to have the better expertise ->>100% expert value.
  • In 99% of cases, this is the smarter setup.
  • And for a whole bunch of other reasons.

If we still haven’t convinced you:

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This is Hans. He's your best PHP developer. But in fact, 40 percent of his time is spent taking care of your system infrastructure. That's not what he was trained to do, and it's not what you're paying him to do, either. Be smart! Let Hans do his job and increase your sales. At Hundertserver, we take the pressure off Hans and at the same time reduce your costs by up to 25%.

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