Hand in hand to a high-availability mail cluster

The goal Our task was to design, set up and deploy a fully functional and failure-resistant mail server cluster for the customer. The challenge lay in the tight deadline of only two weeks, and in providing full project management so as to free up the e-pixler team for their own jobs and projects. The solution […]

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From start-up to established SaaS provider: a journey with Hundertserver

The goal Smoobu were looking for a provider capable of supporting their goals of rapid growth and keeping up with changes in the required service levels and technology. For this purpose, a custom phase model with scalable services was to be developed. The solution In phase one, we delivered a basic package so as not […]

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Don’t throw money away. Leave system and ops to the experts!

A typical case scenario that we encounter time and again: SaaS companies make bad use of their resources and as a result waste money. A much better infrastructure and hosting strategy is to opt for the complete package from Hundertserver. Why? Let’s do the maths. Does this scenario sound familiar? Your SaaS company employs four […]

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Private cloud for big data platform – first-class consulting for success

The goal In 2018, we took over the job from the previous service provider. Our task was to bring order to the complex legacy system architecture and completely rethink it. The platform was to be lean and intelligently scalable in consideration of the data volumes, but at the same time redundant and 100% failure-resistant. For […]

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